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Existential Dreamwork Groups

One innovative way of working in therapeutic groups has been using dream analysis to explore the unconsious or hidden workings of our minds. The power of this approach is further enhanced by looking for links between these dreams and aspects of our waking lives pertaining to the past, present or future.


With existential dreamwork we do not attempt to super-impose meanings onto dreams but allow meanings to emerge of their own accord. So unlike psychoanalytic dreamwork, we are pragmatic on the meaning of a symbol or a metaphor in that we allow the dreamer to use their own intuition, thoughts and feelings to make sense of things using the therapist and other group members as guides or aids.


In group dreamwork we are encouraged to record our dreams night by night using an electronic recorder, or just making notes using a pen and pad. Each week the group meets and we share these dreams and try to make sense of them together. During the course of the therapy we may have dreams that appear to include other members of the group and are encouraged to share these with each other and reflect on how they shed light on the relationships going on in the room and on relationships in the wider world at large.


We are compassionately encouraged to explore and help each other challenge the beliefs and stances emerging from our dreams that are causing us pain or distress. Dreams are tracked and we notice and explore how they are changing as the therapy progresses.


Dreamwork focused therapy is a powerful way of exploring the inner, sometimes hidden aspects of ourselves. If you are interested in this approach please email: or call 07916-293-807