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Individual Therapy



About one to one therapy


Similar to group therapy, one to one therapy is performed by drawing on theory from a variety of modalities from cognitive behavioural (dealing with thoughts, beliefs and behaviour), existential (dealing with life concerns, such as loss, isolation, death and freedom) to psychodynamic (where there is an emphasis in viewing today's relationship difficulties in the context of primary relationships in the past and repeating patterns of relating).


Similar to our group service, we deal with issues such as adjustment problems (death, divorce or relationship break-ups for example), depression, anxiety disorders such social anxiety, PTSD, OCD and health anxiety to name but a few. Some therapy may be exploratory in nature, helping you makes sense of things a little better, bringing things that were troubling but out of awareness, into consciousness so that you are better able to understand and counter them.


More about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


With aspects of  cognitive behavioral therapy, you will be taught strategies to help you cope with stressful/painful situations. There will be an emphasis on learning to gain insight from linking thoughts (cognitions), emotions (feelings) and behaviours (what we do). Change occurs when we learn to challenge and change some of the beliefs or assumptions that appear to be holding us back and limiting our growth. Challenging our thoughts will be supported by behavioural changes that allow us to accumulate evidence to support our new more productive, supportive and objective assumptions and beliefs.


Please contact us for more information and to arrange for an Initial Assessment (IA). The IA will cover areas such as personal history, presenting problems, suitability of psychotherapy and the formulation of a treatment plan. We take measures before and after treatment using appropriate tools to assess progress.


What does individual therapy cost?


Our rates in Bloomsbury to see a Chartered Psychologist (Doctoral level trained) are between £150 per session. Concessions are available on block bookings. Payment is usually made via bank transfer or debit card (via Paypal). We have a limited number of low cost places available so please ask if unemployed, on state pension or a student.



All that is discussed will be treated in strict confidentiality.


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